MyPoints Review – Legit or Scam?

MyPoints is a popular rewards site that provides its members with various opportunities to accumulate points. Unlike your average survey site, you get rewards through activities like reading emails, shopping online, watching videos, surfing the web, and playing games. This is great for those who don’t want to resort to only taking surveys to earn some money. The question is: is MyPoints a legit site? Our MyPoints review will give you a clear insight into how the program works, and reveal whether or not it’s worth spending your time on.

MyPoints Instructions

MyPoints is open to new members. To sign up for their rewards program, you have to access their website and register your name and email. Once you confirm your email, you should be able to log in and view the site’s interface.

Getting started is easy. You can browse the various ways of earning money at the top navigation link. You’ll be able to browse by using coupons, taking part in shopping deals, completing surveys, watching videos, playing games, and more.

One thing to be aware of is that the company only works with consumers in the US and Canada. So, if you reside anywhere else, you cannot take part in their program. While this is unfortunate for many users, it allows the company to maintain quality control. There also isn’t any mention of eligibility of age on the company’s site, but it’s likely because this is done by a screening process for various activities like surveys.

MyPoints Rewards & Bonuses

The highlight of our MyPoints review will probably be the rewards. As mentioned earlier, the company offers many different ways for you to earn points. The points can then be converted into cash via Paypal or for gift cards. A total of 700 points will earn you a $5 gift card and 3,970 points will allow you to be paid $25 via Paypal.

One of the weird things about MyPoints is that some gift cards are cheaper than others. So, if you do want to exchange your points for gift cards, make sure you choose a retailer wisely for the best exchange rate. Surveys pay anywhere from $1 to $6 worth of points. Just keep in mind that there is a strong screening process, but you do get rewarded for screening questions.

To give you an understanding of how you can earn points through their system, here’s a list of various activities you can partake in:

  • Installing their browser add-on and surfing the web
  • Viewing video content
  • Playing online based video games
  • Reading emails
  • Taking them up on local deals
  • Shopping online with popular retailers
  • Completing surveys and filling out polls
  • Referring friends for 10% of their points
  • Printing coupons for online sites and offline retailers

The payout threshold is 700 points, which is $5. Payment requests are instant and are usually sent out on the same day.

MyPoints PROS

MyPoints really does have a lot of great things going for them. Here are some of the best aspects of the program.

  • It’s easy to earn points if you take part in multiple activities. You can surf the web and watch videos while also shopping online on sites like Overstock.
  • Some of the activities you are compensated for (like using coupons) are things you would’ve done anyway.
  • They have a large list of retailers you can purchase gift cards for. Just be aware that some of them are unavailable to Canada.
  • The payment threshold is very low and they are very reliable about payments. The company pays out within a day or two, which is a big departure from other survey sites.
  • They have an app that you can use, meaning that you’ll be able to participate while you’re on the go.

MyPoints CONS

While MyPoints offers many opportunities for you to earn, our MyPoints review also focuses on some downsides you need to be aware of as well:

  • Users have mentioned that qualifying for surveys was not easy. They ended up completing fewer surveys compared to survey dedicated sites.
  • The points don’t have an equal exchange rate for retailers and Paypal redemptions. Those that favor a particular retailer or cash will find it a little disappointing.
  • While there are many different ways to earn money, many of the activities do not earn you that many points. The point here is to earn money both passively and actively and accumulate it over time.

Alternatives to MyPoints

If our MyPoints review convinced you to try other survey websites as well, here are some alternatives that you may also get a lot out of.

  1. Pinecone Research – If you prefer surveys over other activities, Pinecone Research is one of the best sites as they offer one of the highest earnings per survey. Our Pinecone Research review will tell you more about it.
  2. Swagbucks – Swagbucks actually owns MyPoints and their program is very similar to MyPoints. If you like MyPoints and want to add another supplemental company to work with, you’ll be happy with Swagbucks.
  3. MySurvey – MySurvey is one of the highest rated survey sites. There are many surveys that you can take and the company is one of the few that are actually legit.

MyPoints Review Wrap Up

That wraps up our MyPoints review. Overall, this is a legit company that offers you many different ways to earn cash or gift cards. You just need to be aware that it isn’t the most ideal site if you’re only looking to earn money completing surveys. Some of the point making activities like using coupons, watching videos, and surfing the web are the best features worth working with. If you’re looking for a program that’s different from your everyday survey sites, we highly recommend checking out MyPoints.

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