Point Club Surveys Reviews – Legit or Scam?

Point Club Surveys is a survey site that’s relatively new compared to others in the industry. However, the company has been becoming more popular in the survey community recently. While other Point Club Surveys reviews may look at the popularity of this website and use that to recommend it to their readers, we decided to really assess whether or not the company is legit or just another scam. In our Point Club Surveys review, we discuss the reward system, how the surveys are organized, how reliable they are with paying their members, and whether or not the program offers a decent earning potential.

Point Club Surveys Instructions

To take part in Point Club’s program, start by visiting their site and signing up. The sign-up process is fairly straightforward and quick. You can either sign up with Facebook or create an account manually if you prefer more privacy. Once you register and confirm your membership, you’ll be taken to their membership page. This will give you a list of the surveys you can take and the various points that you will get in return for completing the surveys.

Point Club Surveys Reviews

It’s important to mention that the site is only open to residents of Austria, Canada, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Greece, Italy, Norway, Japan, Sweden, the UK, Switzerland, and the US. Members must also be 18 years old or older to redeem their rewards. This is quite generous compared to other survey sites that only accept members from the US, UK, and Canada. Many international users will be happy to learn that this is one of the few survey sites that lets European residents participate.

Point Club Surveys Rewards & Bonuses

Point Club uses a points system. The points are redeemable for cash via PayPal or gift cards for popular retailers (over 80 different ones to choose from). They currently offer a sign-up bonus of $5 in points, which is very generous. Points are rewarded for completing surveys, and 1,000 points are the equivalent of $1. There is also a daily sweepstakes you can enter to win free points. To top it off, you are rewarded with greater rewards for every consecutive day you log in.

Point Club Surveys Reviews

The surveys themselves pay anywhere from 500 to 5,000 points (which works out to $0.50 – $5.00) depending on their length. While there are multiple survey opportunities per day, there is a screening process to qualify. Do note that Point Club does compensate you with a few points for the screening process. To request your rewards, you’ll need points equal to $25. Payouts are sent by PayPal or digital gift cards sent by email, and are processed within 2 to 3 days.

Point Club Surveys PROS

There are many positive aspects of this website worthy of being mentioned in any Point Club Surveys reviews. Here are the few highlights we want to note:

  • Point Club provides you with many different ways to earn points from the sweepstakes, rewards for logging in, and bonuses you can claim after registering.
  • Members reported that there were many survey opportunities that were available on a daily basis. In comparison, other sites only offer a decent survey once or twice a week.
  • Members really liked that their customer support team is actually responsive, unlike other survey sites. They are also active on other survey review sites and will respond to complaints.
  • While there is a screening process, you are still compensated for your time. Other sites that have a screening process do not reward you for completing the screening questions.
  • Point Club offers many different payout options. You can choose gift cards from over 80 retailers, although many will prefer getting paid by PayPal.
  • Some members have been doing well with Point Club by completing 5 to 10-minute surveys that pay out $1. This works out to $6 an hour in your free time, which is fairly decent.

Point Club Surveys CONS

While there are many positive aspects of Point Club, this survey website is not perfect. Here are some of the cons that you need to be aware of:

  • Point Club has a high payout level of $25. As a result, it may take you several weeks to accumulate enough points to reach $25.
  • The reality is that you will not qualify for a good amount of the surveys. The screening process is there to ensure that their clients get real feedback from the right consumers that can provide them with valuable business information.
  • There is sometimes a delay when it comes to getting your points credited for completing surveys. This can be confusing if you have been expecting the points to show on your account.
  • Sometimes, surveys do result in errors in that they crash midway for no reason. This is usually not an issue with Point Club but rather the companies that created the surveys and didn’t test them thoroughly enough.

Alternatives to Point Club Surveys

If you want to find similar survey websites, here are some great Point Club Surveys alternatives you can test out:

  1. SwagBucks – SwagBucks is one of the most versatile survey websites available online, in that you don’t just make money off of surveys. You can also read articles, watch videos, and even shop online.
  2. Pinecone Research – While they do not offer a large number of surveys, Pinecone Research offers an impressive rate for completing their surveys, which makes it one of the most popular survey websites around. We reviewed Pinecone Research in a previous article.
  3. YouGov – This UK-based survey website offers surveys on various topics like government policies, politics, and even celebrity news. You can learn more about YouGov in our detailed YouGov review.

Point Club Surveys Reviews Wrap Up

Overall, we found that Point Club is a legit survey site that properly rewards and pays their members. If you do your research, you’ll find that other Point Club Surveys reviews agree on this point. Point Club is one of the few survey sites that you should try your best to participate in on a daily basis due to their reward system and regular survey opportunities. That said, Point Club is not perfect. They do have some technical issues from time to time, as mentioned by most Point Club Surveys reviews. Thankfully, their support team is very responsive and puts in the effort to resolve any issues. Overall, Point Club is a highly recommended survey site and better than many others in the industry.

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