Toluna Review – Legit or Scam?

Toluna is a market research company that has partnered with some of the biggest brands in the world like Kelogg’s, CBS, Disney, Heineken, and more. The company primarily offers their members a chance to make money through surveys. While they have a fancy terminology in addressing their members are influencers, there isn’t anything really different from other survey sites. Our Toluna review aims to determine whether Toluna is a legit company or just a scam, by going in-depth about how their program works, how to sign up, how you’re rewarded, and more. We’ll also discuss the social aspects of the membership site.

Toluna Instructions

Signing up with Toluna is easy. Start by visiting their website. The signup page will walk you through a┬ánine-step┬áprocess for creating your account. Don’t worry about what seems like a long process. Most of the questions are very straightforward. Once you complete the signup, Toluna will send you a verification email, and once you confirm the email, it will create an ID you can login with.

Toluna ReviewToluna Review
Toluna Review
One of the great things about Toluna is that it is open to residents all around the world. You also must be 13 years old or older to be eligible for the rewards. Toluna decides whether you are eligible for their surveys through a screening process. The screening process usually takes anywhere from three to five minutes. Older members in western countries will tend to qualify for more surveys than other members.

Toluna Review
Toluna Review
Toluna Review

Toluna Rewards & Bonuses

The most important part of our Toluna review will be how you earn rewards. Toluna uses a point system which you exchange for various rewards. You can get $10 in gift cards for popular retailers with 30,000 points. If you prefer PayPal payments, you can exchange 90,000 points for $30. These rates are set for the US only and may differ depending on what part of the world you reside in.

When you sign up, you are given 500 points to start out with. Completing surveys can earn you anywhere from 20 points all the way to 2,000 points. There are many surveys that are available but there is a screening process which takes a couple of minutes for you to complete. Unfortunately, there isn’t any kind of redemption for completing the screening process if you don’t qualify for the survey.

Toluna does offer you more opportunities to earn money than other websites. You can complete polls, take part in versus (voting) battles, test products, and refer your friends for points. The minimum threshold you need to reach to cash your earnings is $10 for gift cards or $30 for PayPal. The company takes several weeks to send you the payment. Some report four weeks while others claim eight weeks for delivery.

Toluna PROS

Toluna is a company that has built a decent reputation online. Here are the best aspects of their program:

  • There are many quick polls that you can take to earn points. While the polls don’t earn you many points, completing several of them throughout the week will definitely add up.
  • Toluna gives you points for creating an account and additional points for completing your profile. This helps you get closer to getting your first payout.
  • Toluna allows you to post your own polls, versus battles (votes), and discussion topics. If you want an outlet to reach out to other members and make friends online, you have the opportunity to do so on their site.
  • There is quite a variety of surveys that you can take. We found that some of the surveys were very targeted to specific demographic, making them enjoyable to complete for that section of the population.
  • They have a feature that emails you whenever a new survey is available.
  • The company also has an app so that you can earn points with your mobile device while you’re on the go.
  • Toluna offers a wide variety of retailers you can choose from once you earn enough points to exchange for your reward.

Toluna CONS

Toluna does have some problems that you need to be aware of before you invest too much time into their program:

  • Earning the minimum points required to exchange for the rewards can take a long time. The payment threshold is quite high, especially if the plan is to exchange your points for a PayPal payment.
  • Sometimes, it’s hard to get through the screening process for the surveys. You’ll end up answering screening questions for no reward.
  • Toluna takes a long time to process payment requests, and it can take up to eight weeks for you to see your rewards delivered. There’s no reason why it should take this long when you consider that other companies have this handled in a week or less.

Alternatives to Toluna

Toluna is a solid program, but if you’re looking for other companies that make it easy for you to make money, here are some considerations:

  1. Pinecone Research – Pinecone Research is one of the best survey companies to work with because of the high earnings per survey. The caveat is that you only take a few surveys a month. Check out our more in-depth review of Pinecone Research for more information on the program.
  2. SwagBucks – SwagBucks is like an expanded version of Toluna in that there are many more ways for you to earn points. You can shop online, watch videos, read articles, test products, and more.
  3. MySurvey – MySurvey is a survey site like Toluna. The great thing about them is that the earnings per survey tend to be higher than Toluna, and they are really good about payments.

Toluna Review Wrap Up

That wraps up our Toluna review. Toluna is a legit program that works with many big brands. The problem is that it can take a long time for you to earn enough points and receive your rewards. Hovewer, if you don’t mind accumulating points over a long period and playing the waiting game, Toluna will be a nice addition to your other survey opportunities. We want to hear your Toluna review as well if you’ve ever tried out this survey website. Leave us a comment down below!

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