PaidViewPoint Review – Legit or Scam?

With many survey sites, you don’t really have an idea if they’re actually backed by a real market research company. PaidViewPoint is different in that it is part of the well-known company called Ask Your Target Market. This company actually provides market research services to a wide range of clients through surveys. To help you decide if their program is right for you, we’ll be doing a thorough PaidViewPoint review.

PaidViewPoint is similar to other legit survey sites in that they pay their members in return for completing online surveys. However, it’s different in that they are more consumer friendly with the process. The surveys are better designed, easier to complete, and even designed to protect the privacy of consumers.

PaidViewPoint Instructions

PaidViewPoint Review
To take part in the PaidViewPoint program, you’ll need to register on their site. Before signing up, you can watch the demo they provide in order to learn more about the website and what they do. After you’ve signed up, you can start taking surveys that are available on their website. If there isn’t any survey available, you’ll have to wait for notification that a survey is available to start earning money.

PaidViewPoint Review

The whole signup process is fairly straightforward. Here are some things that you should expect from PaidViewPoint:

  • PaidViewPoint can sometimes send a survey a day. You can expect anywhere from three to five surveys a week for you to complete.
  • You can set up email and text notifications whenever a survey is available. This makes it easier for you to always be on top of the surveys.
  • The company pays out cash. Unlike other survey sites, there are no points you can redeem for other prizes like merchandise or retail gift cards.

PaidViewPoint Rewards & Bonuses

PaidViewPoint pays out cash for taking surveys, which is paid out through PayPal. Because this is the only payment option, you’ll need to have a PayPal account to make money with PaidViewPoint. Unfortunately, this may not be possible for many international users. Keep this in mind before working with PaidViewPoint.

It’s important to point out in this PaidViewPoint review that your earnings are based on something called a trait score. The company does this to get a better idea of who their members are, and to provide their clients with accurate market research data. You simply fill out demographic information surveys to increase your trait score. The highest trait score you can go up to is 10,000.

PaidViewPoint also has a referral program that you can take part in. The company pays 20 percent of the rewards of the people you’ve referred. However, the earning potential is capped at $25 for each person you refer. You can simply use the links provided by the company to send out invitations via email or social media.

How much can you make with PaidViewPoint? The surveys usually pay out a few cents. However, the company sends out more surveys than other programs, and it only takes around five minutes to complete the average survey. Something that may be a negative point is that you need a minimum earning of $15 to request payment. Being that the surveys don’t pay out a high rate, it can take a while to get paid.

PaidViewPoint PROS

PaidViewPoint is far from the perfect survey program. That said, they do have some strong points that make them a worthy contender.

  • The company sends out more surveys than other programs. So if you’re looking for as many survey programs to maximize your earnings, PaidViewPoint will be a nice addition to your activities.
  • The surveys are very short and easy to complete. The company tries to make them fun instead of tedious.
  • Their company has a no opt-out policy. This means you won’t take a pre-survey to see if you qualify for the main one. Surveys are sent based on the demographic information you’ve submitted.
  • Members report that there have been no issues with receiving payment once they’ve reached the minimum payment threshold.
  • The company allows you to maintain privacy. You don’t need to submit your official name and address to take part in the surveys or get paid.

PaidViewPoint CONS

PaidViewPoint does have several negative points that need to be clearly addressed in any PaidViewPoint review. Make sure you are aware of them before you take part in their program.

  • The earnings from the surveys are very low. You’ll have to take many of them to make a decent amount of money.
  • You have to complete a good amount of demographic surveys to reach the highest trait score you can get. Remember that you earn more the higher your trait score is.
  • The minimum payout threshold combined with the low earnings means that it can take an extended amount of time to get paid.
  • There are no other ways to make money with the company. Other programs offer various ways of making money such as watching videos, reading articles, testing products, and shopping online. PaidViewPoint does not.

Alternatives to PaidViewPoint

There are a good number of alternatives to PaidViewPoint. Here are a couple you should consider.

  1. Pinecone Research – This company offers some of the highest rates for completing surveys. However, they only send out two a month, and have restrictions that determine who can take part in their program and who cannot. We’ve created a full Pinecone Research review that can teach you more about the website.
  2. SwagBucks – SwagBucks offers you many different ways to earn money. You can watch videos, shop online, and read articles in addition to taking regular surveys.
  3. MintVine aka Branded Surveys – This is another solid opportunity. You can take surveys and take part in extended focus studies to make money. Learn more about it in our detailed review.

All of the above are legit survey companies that you should sign up for if you want to make as much as you possibly can.

PaidViewPoint Review Wrap Up

That concludes our PaidViewPoint review. This is a legit market research that pays you for completing surveys. The earnings per survey are low, so it’s best to take the surveys from the company in addition to other survey programs you’re part of. If you’ve ever tried PaidViewPoint, do share your experience in the comments section. We’d love to hear from you!

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