Quick Thoughts Review – Legit or Scam?

Most paid survey programs are limited to just surveys. Quick Thoughts is a program that’s different in that it is more interactive. The program is run through an app, and it has been downloaded over one million times on Google Play, indicating its popularity, as well as the fact that it is legit. Our Quick Thoughts review will cover every aspect of the program.

What makes Quick Thoughts different is that there are also shopping assignments for users, such as taking polls in retail stores, being a mystery shopper, and providing feedback. Quick Thoughts is one of the most versatile survey programs.

Quick Thoughts Instructions

To join Quick Thoughts, you’ll need to download the QuickThoughts app through the iTunes Store or Google Play Store. The program is intended for mobile users, so it won’t work for you if you want to use it on your desktop. This means that you’ll need a smartphone or tablet with access to the Internet to use this survey program. You can also login on their website, at www.quickthoughtsapp.com.

Quick Thoughts Review

While any user can sign up, this program is only intended for residents of the US, UK, or Canada. If you’re from a country that’s not on the list, it’s likely that you won’t receive any surveys or money-making opportunities. Here are some of the things that you should know about Quick Thoughts:

  • The company’s surveys pay anywhere from $0.50 to $3 per survey. This is not high, but is also not the lowest among other paid survey programs.
  • The fact that it is a mobile app plays into how you earn with the program. You are given various in-store tasks in return for a payment.
  • There are many surveys available. This is a big plus if you’ve tried other programs that barely sent out surveys.

Quick Thoughts Rewards & Bonuses

Instead of a point system, Quick Thoughts simply pays out your earnings to keep things simple. As indicated earlier, the surveys pay out from $0.50 to $3. They take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes to complete. There is usually a pre-qualification survey for accuracy. Even if you don’t qualify, you are given a small compensation for your time. This is a big plus considering other sites that use a screening process don’t compensate you.

For the shopping assignments, there are various types that you can partake in. You can check in to a store, take pictures of products on the shelves, or provide feedback on your shopping experience. How frequent you’re given these assignments really depends on your location. Obviously, cities that are bigger will result in more activities.

It’s important to point out in this Quick Thoughts review that the company does not pay out straight up cash. You can redeem your earnings on Amazon or via iTunes gift cards. While not ideal, the company does send out the redemption very quickly. You are sent codes that you can redeem for either retailer. Be sure to follow the instructions on how to redeem the gift cards on the respective sites.

Quick Thoughts PROS

Quick Thoughts is a very interesting program. It really is one of the few programs that really allow you to become a mystery shopper. Here are some of its best highlights.

  • The company offers many surveys for you to complete. They also tend to be shorter than the surveys you have to complete for other programs. As a result, you can earn money very quickly with this program.
  • The location-based shopping experiences are fun, and a great way to earn money while shopping as you normally do. The fact that there are various assignments is also a big plus.
  • The company has a low payout threshold, and sends you the codes very quickly. You don’t have to deal with the headaches of the company taking several days or weeks to send you what you’ve earned.
  • There’s no complex point system. The program also doesn’t cheat you by converting your points at a bad rate when you redeem them for the rewards.

Quick Thoughts CONS

There are several downsides that are apparent in any Quick Thoughts review. Here are a couple that you need to be aware of:

  • Many users don’t like the fact that they can only get paid in gift cards. Not everyone wants to use Amazon to buy products. It would be nice if they had a straight cash option via PayPal, like many other survey programs have.
  • Since the mystery shopping opportunities are location-based, how many you receive depends on your city. It also means that you have to be within a good distance from shopping centers to partake in these assignments.
  • Some of the surveys do not pay much, but this is balanced by the fact that there are more surveys available than other programs. That said, your earnings per hour may be quite low compared to some of the higher sites.

Alternatives to Quick Thoughts

There are a good number of alternatives to Quick Thoughts. Here are a couple you should consider.

  1. SwagBucks – If you don’t want to limit yourselves to surveys and shopping assignments, you should try SwagBucks. You can earn money by reading content, viewing videos, taking part in offers, and shopping online as you normally do. Our SwagBucks review can tell you more about the website.
  2. MySurvey – MySurvey is one of the most popular and reputable survey sites. The earnings per survey tend to be lower than Quick Thoughts, but they are still worth checking out.
  3. MintVine aka Branded Surveys – This is another highly rated survey program. Sometimes, you’ll even be sent offers to take part in focus study groups and product testing along with the regular surveys. We’ve created a full MintVine review that you should read if you’re interested in this program.

The ideal way to go about making money with surveys is to sign up for multiple programs and complete the best paying surveys and opportunities, so make sure you join as many as possible.

Quick Thoughts Review Wrap Up

That concludes our Quick Thoughts review. Overall, Quick Thoughts is a great program that makes it easy for you to earn rewards through surveys and mystery shopping. Some people may not like the fact that you can only redeem your money for gift cards, but if you can get over that, it’s a great opportunity. If you have any experiences with Quick Thoughts, share them down below.

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