Valued Opinions Review – Legit or Scam?

There are many survey sites out there to choose from. Valued Opinions is one of the lesser known sites, but just because the company isn’t as well known doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not legit. That’s why we decided to write a detailed Valued Opinions review. The goal is to help you determine whether or not it is is a survey site worth participating in. Our Valued Opinions review will talk about how to sign up, how the reward system works, the company’s pros and cons, and the reliability of their payouts. This will be based on our personal experience with the company, as well as third-party reviews from members.

Valued Opinions Instructions

To take part in the surveys offered by Valued Opinions, visit their website. Start the signup process by clicking on the ‘Join Today’ button. In some cases, their program will be temporarily closed for quality control. If that’s case, you’ll want to follow their Facebook account to be notified when they open up membership again.

Valued Opinions Review

To be eligible for the company’s survey program, you must be a resident of the US, UK, or Australia. You also need to be 13 or older (for US), 16 or older (for UK), and 14 or older (for Australia). The company is very upfront with their privacy policy and promises not to send you unsolicited commercial emails and mail pieces. This is a big plus, as some survey companies monetize their members by selling their information.

Valued Opinions Rewards & Bonuses

Unlike many other survey sites, Valued Opinions keeps it simple and tracks your earnings by cash. There is no point counting necessary. The surveys themselves pay anywhere from $1 to $5, which is on the average side. Each survey takes anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes to complete, which isn’t atypical, but still quite long for how much you are compensated.

While most of the earnings come from surveys, they do have a participation program that increases your earning potential. You get member badges when you complete various tasks on the site like stating your interests and filling out demographic information. There are five tiers to the badges and as you move up the tiers, you’ll be given more surveys and increase your earnings per survey.

As for the redemption, you can redeem your earnings for gift cards once you reach $10 to $20 depending on the retailer. The company sends an average of three emails per day with surveys for you to take, so it won’t be hard to accumulate the $20. Digital gift cards are sent out within 48 hours of being requested, while physical gift cards can take up to as much as a month for you to receive in the mail.

Valued Opinions PROS

There are quite a few positive points of Valued Opinions. Here are the few standouts that are worth noting:

  • Valued Opinions sends out more survey opportunities than some of the other survey sites out there. That said, it does use a screening process, so you won’t necessarily qualify for all of them.
  • The payment per survey is pretty decent. It’s not on the high side but the earnings aren’t low either. Just remember that the surveys tend to be on the longer side, so you’ll need to make sure you have the time to complete them.
  • The payouts for certain gift cards are $10. While these may not be the most popular retailers, it’s a bonus if it’s something you actually want.
  • While there is a screening process, you are still compensated for your time. Other sites that have a screening process do not reward you for completing the screening questions.
  • The badge system is a nice way to increase your earnings. While similar systems exist on other survey sites, it’s still a nice bonus for members.

Valued Opinions CONS

This section of our Valued Opinions review deals with the downsides that you need to be aware of:

  • Valued Opinions does have a high payout threshold for popular retailers. This means that it can take you several weeks to earn enough to get paid.
  • Some members complained that they needed to update Flash on their browser as there were errors with some of the surveys in the beginning or mid-way.
  • There is no PayPal payment option. Many people looking to use survey sites to make money will be disappointed.
  • The company charges you a $2 processing fee for the gift cards. This is a big negative point that needs to be stressed out, as other survey sites do not do this.
  • While there are multiple notifications about taking the surveys, there are some periods where you’ll find it difficult to qualify in the screening process. This isn’t something out of the ordinary but it’s worth noting, as many expect to earn rewards quickly due to many survey notifications being sent out.

Alternatives to Valued Opinions

If you are looking for other survey sites to increase your earnings, here are two that we recommend you try out:

  1. SwagBucks – This is a rewards-based site that pays you for various activities like surfing the web, shopping, testing panels, watching videos, surveys, and more.
  2. MySurvey – MySurvey is one of the most reliable survey sites around. The company has received great reviews from their members, and is one of the more trusted survey sites you’ll find online.
  3. Quick Thoughts – Quick Thoughts is one of the most interactive ways to make money online through surveys, since it only works through an app. Our Quick Thoughts review covers every aspect of this program.

Valued Opinions Review Wrap Up

Overall, we found that Valued Opinions is a legit survey site that’s based around gift card payouts. However, our Valued Opinions review did find that it’s far from being one of the best survey companies out there. There are many small things that make it hard to earn as many reward dollars as the site would lead you to believe. However, Valued Opinions can still be a great opportunity for you if you’re already working with other survey companies and are looking to increase your earning potential. It’s always a smart idea to work with as many companies as you possibly can if you don’t mind taking multiple surveys on a daily basis.

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