Smart Panel Review – Legit or Scam?

Smart Panel is a rewards site that is designed for smartphone users. Smart Panel pays you in return for the information they collect from your smartphone. You simply download their app, and it will quietly monitor your habits in the background. Why do they do this? Smart Panel collects this data and sells it to companies that want to learn what consumers are looking for, and use this data to improve their websites, apps, products/services, and technology. To really see if this is a legit opportunity, we’ve created this Smart Panel review to investigate every single detail of the program.

Smart Panel Instructions

Smart Panel Review Login Guide
To get started, you need to take the qualifying questionnaire and see if you qualify for their program. You can start the process on the SurveyGizmo website. Once you qualify, you can install the Smart Panel mobile app on your device of choice (PC, tablet, or smartphone). Once you’ve set everything up, you simply let the app run in the background.
Smart Panel Review Login Guide
It’s important to be aware of how the company handles privacy. The company is focused on collecting statistics and is not in the business of taking your personal information and selling it to corporations. To be eligible for Smart Panel, you must be 18 years or older. The program is only available to residents of the United States, UK, Germany, and India.
Smart Panel Review Login Guide

Smart Panel Rewards & Bonuses

We’ve mentioned earlier in our Smart Panel review that you are paid for running the app in the background. But how exactly does the payment structure work? Once you actually install the app, you are given a $5 reward to start with. For each month you leave the app installed, you will earn $5. This means that you can earn $10 in the first month just for installing the app and keeping it running for a few weeks.

By the third month, you will earn an extra $5 a month in loyalty bonuses. This further increases to $10 a month by the six month. According to the company, you can earn $100 in the first year. This isn’t bad for simply leaving an app installed on your device and doing nothing. Smart Panel also has some survey offers you can take part in. While these offers are not frequent, they are a nice bonus to the earnings you’re already making.

You can choose between PayPal and Amazon gift card codes to cash out your earnings. The payment is sent very quickly. There is no delayed waiting period that you commonly experience with other reward sites.

Smart Panel Pros

Smart Panel is really one of the most unique reward models you’ll find online. They have some great features that will entice you into joining:

  • It’s easy to make money with Smart Panel. When they say you will be making money with their program passively, they really mean it. You simply install the app and use your device as you normally would.
  • The surveys that they provide will help you make extra money. These surveys tend to be short and pay fairly decently. This is a big plus for those that do not like taking long surveys that only pay a couple of bucks.
  • Although the focus is on smartphones, you can still use the Smart Panel app with your desktop or tablet. All you have to do is make sure you fill out the questionnaire and qualify for their program.
  • The loyalty bonuses are a nice addition for those that don’t mind leaving the app running on their device. The $5 loyalty bonus doubles to $10 after a couple of months, which is a nice increase for long-term members.
  • The company is very quick about sending payment, and pays using the two most popular payment options. You only need $15 to request a payout. This means you need to wait up to two months before you can get paid. This is not too big of a commitment.

Smart Panel Cons

It wouldn’t be a balanced Smart Panel review if we hid the negative aspects of the program. Here are some complaints that members have brought up in the past:

  • Some members have had technical issues with the Smart Panel app. They say that it sometimes hurts their Internet connectivity and that it can be an ongoing issue that they have to deal with on a regular basis.
  • The survey earnings only pay out in PayPal. If you do not have a Paypal account or can’t create one, it’s possible that your earnings will be forfeited since that’s the only payment option available for surveys.
  • Smart Panel is known to have a reputation for poor customer support. When members are dealing with a technical issue, they tend to be unresponsive to requests or do not offer the right solutions.
  • Many people would not be comfortable with the fact that you’re basically letting a third-party company monitor your activities. While the company does have a privacy policy, you can never really know how your information is used.

Alternatives to Smart Panel

If you are looking for some great alternatives to Smart Panel, here are some other companies you should consider.

  • Swagbucks – Swagbucks isn’t a rewards site where you can earn money passively. However, they do pay you for various tasks like watching videos, reading articles, and surfing the web. These are all things that people normally do, and the fact that you’re being paid for these tasks may be attractive to you. Read our Swagbucks review for more information.
  • ClixSense – ClixSense is a site that’s similar to Swagbucks in that you earn money for many different things including completing surveys, shopping, and completing tasks. The company has a great reputation among members, making it one of the most reliable rewards sites online. We also have a full ClixSense review that can teach you more about the program.

Smart Panel Review Wrap Up

That brings our Smart Panel review to an end. We think that Smart Panel’s model is really unique and an effortless way to make some extra money. The company is actually legit. However, there are many cons you need to consider before signing up for the program. It may not be the ideal rewards program for making some extra money.

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